Saturday, September 28, 2019

Review of Brennan's Brewery "Classic"

Well, I got my "order" of my Brennan's Brewery that I agreed with the guys up from Gorey on Thursday. I was thinking will I try it, but it was Thursday and I had to get up early for work on Friday morning and I said to myself, that I better not. I left it, until Friday night to try. 

When I started to pour it out of the bottle, after struggling to find the bottle cap opener, I eventually opened the bottle and poured my pint of Brennan's. It looked I will admit, fairly black with a white head on it. It looked oddly reminiscent of a Guinness and to be honest, I could take a leave Guinness. I thought, what do we have going on here. 

I did notice something on the back of the bottle when I was checking it out though. CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR, I thought what does it mean, will I be tasting something like Dairy Milk or Terry's Chocolate Orange. I was looking forward very much to trying and tasting chocolate beer. When I told my friends in work that I was going to do this, they all looked at me, like I was crazy. 

I probably thought, I myself was crazy but, I still wanted to try this beer. I tried it and to be honest, it is much like the Guinness that I am so used to. One thought that crossed my mind was this would be the type of drink that you would have at a bar, if you were looking to enjoy the night and not overly drink too much. You could drink it at a nice slow pace and enjoy your experience. 

To be honest, I would give it a healthy 8/10. A nice drink to pace yourself on a night out or a drink to have when you haven't had it in a while. 

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